How the Address System Works

Note: System addressing applies to all areas of Blount County including all municipalities - except for the City of Oneonta.

Distanced Based System Addressing

- Each 1000 addresses equals one (1) mile (5,280 feet)

-Each 100 addresses equals one-tenth (1/10) of a mile (528 feet)

Example: From 33700 State Highway 79 to 33100 State Highway 79 equals a 600 address increment change which equals a 6/10 of a mile distance change


Even/Odd Addressing

When addresses increase (example:33100 to 33600), even addresses are on the right side of the roadway and odd addresses are on the left.

When addresses decrease (example:36000 to 31000), even addresses are on the left side of the roadway and odd addresses are on the right.


Throughway County Highways and Road Addressing

Addresses in general run from West to East, and South to North 


Dead End Road Addressing

Addresses always start at the intersection of the connecting throughway, no matter the direction the dead end road proceeds.